Gath Hat NEO


325-350 grams

The GATH HAT NEO was the world’s first ever helmet designed specifically for surfers. This revolutionary product was launched in 1989 and since then it continues to be the chosen helmet for many water sports enthusiasts across a huge range of action water sports.

Latest 2024 stock available in White, Black, Yellow & Red

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Since Gath launched its ‘Gath Hat NEO’ helmet in 1989, it has continued to be one of the top choices for surfers and sports enthusiasts across the globe. One of the key attractions is its uber lightweight design – weighing just 325-350 grams, and with a super comfortable snug fit, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a piece of high-performance safety gear.

The Gath Hat Neo provides a crucial layer of defense against common surfing head injuries. Its unique shape and expandable neoprene headband adjust perfectly, offering a great fit whatever your head shape. The Neo allows total peripheral vision and creates a comfortable seal to the forehead which works to minimise water flow over the eyes, so performance is not inhibited

Latest 2024 stock available in White, Black, Yellow & Red

Gath Hat NEO Size Chart

Find your perfect fit with our Gath Hat Neo Size Chart. Measure your head mid-forehead, just above the ears, and pick the size that best suits you from the choices below:

Small540 – 550 mm
Medium560 – 570 mm
Large580 – 590 mm
X Large590 – 600 mm

Tech spec

Like all Gath helmets, you can expect the very best in quality materials and strict safety specifications that are synonymous with this brand. Every Gath Hat NEO is supported by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as confirmation of its durability and longevity. With tough rust proof components and strong materials, the Gath Hat NEO is made for the extreme, delivering the same level of protection in the harshest conditions.

The Gath Neo enjoys the following design benefits:

  • 10mm thick multi impact headband: Non-water absorbent foam.
  • Custom fittings: Custom-built screws and rivets, non corrosive and resistant to salt-water.
  • Long lasting UV stable shell: Made from high impact-resistant plastic.
  • Multi impact comfort straps: Non-water absorbent foam.
  • Multi impact liner: Non-water absorbent foam.
  • Superior quality UV stable visors: Made from shatterproof plastic.
  • Unique retention system: Made from standards-approved non-stretch webbing with standards-approved quick release buckles and fitted with a nylon coated non-water absorbent foam for superb comfort.

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