Gedi Peak with Go Pro Mount


This item combines the Gath Gedi Peak with the GoPro Camera base plate.

It offers a convenient secure mounting with a low profile giving you an excellent balanced helmet camera.

Three year warranty.

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If you’ve chosen one of our Gath Gedi helmets, our combination peak which incorporates a GoPro camera mount is the perfect addition.

The peak itself is made from superior quality flexible shatterproof plastic. It is very easy to attach to your Gedi helmet and gives you great protection from both water spray and overhead sunlight. For those taking part in sports where total peripheral vision is a must, the peak can flip up 25 degrees moving it out of the way and velcro lock into the down position. Gath peaks also offer you additional protection from injury – they flex and move in the event of an impact, reducing spine and neck injuries.

With a factory-fitted GoPro camera mount on the peak, you have a convenient way to clip on and off camera mounting as you need it, with no fuss.

This product includes:

  • Peak for Gath Gedi helmet, incorporating a GoPro camera mount
  • Peak storage bag to keep your product safe from damage when not in use
  • Rustproof peak mounting screws
  • Instructions
  • Size 2 fits S, M, L Gedis
  • Size 3 fits XL, XXL, XXXL Gedis

For the avoidance of doubt, you need to buy your Gath Gedi helmet and GoPro camera separately!

Above: Footage from pro surfer Anthony Walsh in Indonesia using a Gath helmet with mounted with Go Pro

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