Gath Half Face Visor (Gedi/SFC)


Our visors are built to filter out 98%+ UV light and offer you ideal eye protection from potentially damaging sunlight and unpleasant salt water spray.

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Our half face visor is suitable for Gath Gedis, and for Gath Surf Convertible Helmets that have a central hole in the helmet at the visor attachment point with two holes each side.

They are supplied with a protective bag to keep your visor safe and free from damage when not in use. We also provide a visor hinge screw and locking caps.

There are two colour options to choose from.

The clear visors are great for cloudy, overcast days, offering you better vision with no compromise on eye protection.

The smoke grey visors are great for sunnier days where you’ll appreciate how they reduce the reflective glare.

Which size half face visor do I need for my Gath helmet?

We have two options to choose from.

The first size fits Large and Extra Large Surf Convertible Helmets OR Small, Medium and Large GEDIs. However, do make sure your Surf Convertible Helmet has the central hole at the visor attachment point and two holes each side as described above – otherwise the visor may not fit.

The second size is the correct choice for XL,XXL and XXXL Gath GEDI helmets.

The colour choice is all yours!

Size 1 – S, M L SFC

Size 2 – Fits L, XL SFCs & S, M, L GEDIs

Size 3 – Fits XL,XXL, XXXL GEDIs

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Smoke, Clear


Size 1 S, M, L SFC's, Size 2 L, XL SFCs & S, M, L GEDIs, Size 3 XL,XXL, XXXL GEDIs


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