Watersports helmet

Q: Which is the best watersports helmet in your range?

The best watersports helmet for you depends on which sport you’re taking part in. Our recommendations are:

Surfers and Body Boarders

Choices: Gath Surf Convertible or Gath RV.

Body boarding helmet

Most people like the Surf Convertible because it has the least drag. The close-fitting style is well suited to pushing through waves or heavy turbulent water contact.

The Surf Convertible is the lightest and has detachable ear pockets, which is perfect if you’d rather surf with your ears uncovered.

The Gath RV has a full face adjustable visor and some people therefore prefer it for its increased level of protection. The optional peaks and visors allow customisation for all weather.

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Kite Surfers and Wind Surfers

Choices: Gath RV (particularly for its UV protection), and the Gath Gedi for awesome levels of impact protection.

Kite surfing helmet

You can detach the ear protectors on the Gedi and there’s also optional detachable peaks and visors, but you’ll still benefit from the close fitting comfort and stability.

Kayakers, White Water Paddlers, Wave Skiers and Canoeists

Choices: RV, Gath Gedi or Surf Convertible.

Watersports helmet

For on-the-river activity, the Gedi  (EN 1385 Approved) or RV is preferred.

For on-the-ocean activity, the Gedi, RV or Surf Convertible is preferred.

Wave Skiers typically choose the RV or Surf Convertible.

Where there is a high possibility of impact, the Gath Gedi wins every time because of its safety standard.

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Wake boarders and water skiers

Choices: RV or Gath Gedi.

Wake boarding with watersports helmet

Wake Boarders tend to go for the Gath Gedi, because of its higher impact protection and skate helmet style.

Wondering about a watersport not listed here? If none of the above sports are similar to your activity, get in touch with us for advice.